21 Reasons to Say Thank You® to your Coworkers


A career-changer. That’s what employees and colleagues are saying about 21 Reasons to Say Thank You to your Coworkers. Cultivating a gratitude attitude reduces stress, facilitates cooperation, and improves the culture in the workplace. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy coming to work each day? 21 weeks of gratitude can change your life!


This life-changing book includes:

  • The 5 simple steps to writing a meaningful note.
  • 21 suggested notes of encouragement and appreciation.
  • 13 templates offering notes to inspire, replicate, and motivate.
  • A full day of ideas on how to add more joy and gratitude to life.
  • A Creative Word List of more than 50 inspiring words that compliment and encourage.

A great gift for the graduate! Help a graduate get their career off to a great start. Positivity, appreciation, an attitude of gratitude are attributes every employer desires and 21 Reasons to Say Thank You to your Coworkers offers the tools needed.