The Art of Writing a Professional Thank You Note

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Are Thank You Notes Necessary? You may think thank you notes are a relic from the past. However, many employers and influential people disagree. This week I attended the Association for Women In Communication (AWC) Empowerment Summit where several Vice Presidents, CEO’s and other influential leaders emphasized the importance of sending a well-written thank you note. Why should you send … Read More

Grateful for Millennials

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cross generation team

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to more than 100 Millennials — high school juniors and seniors — about gratitude and how to write thank you notes. It was a gratifying experience. Millennials today. Despite generational stereotypes, each one actively listened, participated, asked probing questions and responded to my questions. They were engaged. I did not see one cell … Read More

Does Gender Affect How We Show & Receive Appreciation?

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21 Reasons teamwork

Do you think women are naturally more appreciative than men? Does nature versus nurture play a role in our ability to express gratitude or accept appreciation?  In previous post, I spoke about how important workplace appreciation and recognition are for business success. Today, I’m exploring the differences in how each gender experiences these aspects. Research is relatively new on this topic … Read More

5 Solid Recognition Appreciation Stats

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Is it a challenge to get recognition included in the budget? Do you or leadership question the value and return on the investment of time, money, and effort? Many recognition appreciation stats and studies support the power of gratitude in the workplace. If you are questioning what gratitude has to do with appreciation and recognition, discover the connection here. Darcy … Read More

5 Fun RAP’s (Recognition, Appreciation Plans)

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To realize the best results from your recognition and appreciation efforts, you need to change up your game frequently. Are your employees no longer engaging in the established recognition or appreciation efforts? Do the same people receive recognition repeatedly? It’s time to come up with a new RAP –Recognition, Appreciation Plan! 5 Fun, Easy, Inexpensive Ideas! 1. Everybody Loves Chocolate … Read More

Connect Employee Appreciation, Performance & Recognition

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How can you tie employee appreciation and recognition to performance reviews for improved productivity? By connecting the dots between these activities. With this winning combination, you can  improve the skills of mediocre performers as well as retain the top performers within the team. Managers often dread annual performance reviews. Sadly, a previous supervisor managed to avoid the process for the first 24 months of … Read More

Employee Recognition Appreciation Combo!

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5 Surefire Ways To Rock Recognition The best plan engages both appreciation and recognition. It recognizes top performers through appreciation. I call it the 1 2 3 RAP! 1 Recognize. Appreciate. Plan. 2 Recognize. Appreciate. Plan. 3 Repeat 1 and 2. Get Started With Employee Recognition/Appreciation Combos for RAPping 1. Write a note to the individual recognizing them for a … Read More

Appreciation and Recognition Hacks

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Express your Appreciation

We often lump recognition and appreciation into the same group. However, they are not the same! There is a significant difference in the outcome of the two. Impact on Productivity Every organization wants maximum productivity from their employees. According to Gallup, over 70% of employees just show up for work, producing just enough results to get by. With some recognition, … Read More

Happy or Sad? It’s All Good!

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Last week we talked about motivators. At the time, I didn’t know how much I would need my own advice. It’s been a rough week. An emotional roller coaster. We all have them from time to time. Days when we are filled with mixed emotions. Happiness and sorrow. Grief and relief. Frustration and gratefulness. And while positive motivation is great, … Read More

5 Easy Successful Motivators

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MOTIVATION can be challenging and elusive at times, especially on a cloudy Monday! Slip these strategies into your daily routine and start the week with a brighter outlook, more energy. Be intentional. Add one or two hacks to your calendar daily. Your day–and your life–will improve! 1 POST THE POSITIVES Turn your Facebook posts, tweets, and text into positive words … Read More