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Blank Notecards

Browse over a dozen different notecards or get a variety pack. The beautifully photographed images of the Ozarks and other areas inspire awe and gratitude. Picturesque blank notecards are great for writing heartfelt handwritten notes of appreciation. Buy yours today.

Thank You Toolkits

These all-in-one toolkits include everything needed to say thank you. Packaged inside a sturdy re-useable storage case are blank notecards, envelopes, an ink pen and your choice of a 21 Reasons To Say Thank You book for guidance! Purchase a Toolkit today and be ready to express your appreciation.


Learn about gratitude at your own pace with one of the signature books from 21 Reasons To Say Thank You. Unlock the potential of a more grateful heart and better interactions in the workplace with these well written books. The succinct information contained in these books can be easily digested over the course of a few afternoons. Buy yours to start reading about the power of gratitude now.

Workshops And Coaching

Fully customized messages are available for group workshops and coaching. For larger groups, keynotes, retreats or breakouts are tools available to expand the gratitude capacity. Participants grow with gratitude inspired by the contagious energy and passion of LaDonna Greiner. 
Use the contact form on any page of this site to begin the booking process.

Free Resources

Get started living your grateful live with dozens of free blog entries covering the many aspects of gratitude. The blog offers a great taste of the benefits of grateful living and  has an active comment sections. Start reading now to get insights into how gratitude can improve your day and change your life.

Tap into the Power of Gratitude

We are all about appreciation, gratitude and recognition.

We want to help individuals and organizations embrace the power of gratitude at home and in the workplace.

Individuals, like you, can learn how to get the most out of each day and live a happy fulfilling life.

Organizations can benefit from our programs through improved morale, productivity, attendance, retention and ultimately–a stronger bottom line.

We believe focusing on gratitude is the key to a happier, healthier, wealthier life and a vibrant organization.

Appreciating life, developing a grateful mindset and expressing gratitude can lead to success and joy during the good times as well as the challenging or difficult.

Living gratefully can be life changing!

Let us help you tap into the power of gratitude through our books, kits, cards, classes and fine art photography.

We want to help you discover the power of gratitude in your life and act on it!


Motivational Speaker

LaDonna is an engaging and inspiring motivational speaker and coach who motivates people to explore how and why gratitude and appreciation are life changers. She is the author of 21 Reasons To Say Thank You, a series of practical guides to expressing gratitude through handwritten notes, daily habit-forming actions and a mindful thought process.

Businesses use LaDonna’s workshops to improve productivity, retention, attendance, morale and culture.

LG Consulting & Training also guides individuals on their journey toward a longer, happier, healthier life that includes strong meaningful relationships and a positive grateful outlook..

Want to improve the presence of gratitude in your workplace as well as your personal life?

Reach out to LaDonna today and begin the journey!

Workplace Culture Wellness Workshop Series

When: On Demand

Email LaDonna.G@21Reasons.Life To Schedule Your Workshop Series.

LaDonna Greiner Behind Podium Speaking

Workplace Culture Wellness Workshop Series

One hour Lunch & Learn or Breakfast Breakout

(On Demand Availability – Contact LaDonna To Organize Your Next Workshop)

  • What is Your Why? – Your purpose and passion.
  • Build the Best Relationships – The Journey to Success.
  • Be Grateful for Stress: Three ways to capitalize on the good and eliminate the bad stress.
  • Make My Day – Ten ways to share meaningful appreciation.
  • The Power of Positivity in the Workplace.
  • Turn Failure into Success: How mistakes help us grow.
  • Refresh! Six ways to energize the workday.
  • Five Steps to Maintaining Meaningful Relationships.
  • Eight Ways to Transform Your Life from Good to Great!
  • Play! How to avoid burnout and have FUN.
  • Get that Promotion! Use gratitude to facilitate a promotion.
  • Six steps to effective accountability.
  • Manage Job Expectations: Why haven’t I been promoted?

LaDonna Speaking At Drury UniversityManagement workshops:

  • Gratitude, Appreciation, Recognition—what’s the difference?
  • How to Express Remarkable Appreciation!
  • Three Low-Cost Ways to Build a Successful & Sustainable Recognition Program.
  • Appreciative Leaders – Engage your employees with gratitude.

Let us partner with you to reduce your workload, enhance the workplace culture and cultivate engaged employees who gratefully give their best each day.

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What do our clients think of our gratitude products and services?
Curtis Wooten Headshot Photo Testimonial

Curtis Wooten

Senior Vice President Human Resources, Delta Global Services and Delta Private Jets

"Practical. Straight-forward advice. Well written. LaDonna reminds you of the importance of appreciation and recognition in the workplace. She makes it easy to implement a common sense practice that leaders overlook too often."

Scott Carmack Headshot Photo Testimonial

Scott Carmack

State Farm Insurance Agency Field Leader, Springfield, MO

21 Reasons To Say Thank You to your Employees has been terrific for my team. I've had multiple responses from my team telling me how much they appreciated the unique cards and messaging I learned from your book.”

Testimonials And Reviews From Users

Susan N.

LCSW, Arkansas

“I’ve known for a long time the importance of gratitude, but this book and toolkit (21 Reasons to Say Thank You with a Grateful Heart ) made a larger than usual impact on my giving and receiving of gratitude. Thanks for your inspiration LaDonna.”

Robert Casady Headshot Photo Testimonial

Pastor Bob Casady

Schweitzer United Methodist Church

“I love the practical wisdom that moves the reader to action. Thank you for gifting me and the world with your insights and direction.”

  • 1 Million Cups Springfield, MO
  • Association For Women In Communication
  • Rotary
  • Boys And Girls Club
  • Schweitzer United Methodist Church
  • 6 Figure Success Club Meetup
  • Drury University
  • Association Of Fundraising Professionals
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Of The Ozarks
  • Hammons Products Company
  • Wise Conference (Women In Science And Entrepreneurship)
  • Springfield Area Human Resources Association


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