Tap into the Power of Gratitude

Led by LaDonna Greiner, of LG Consulting & Training LLC and 21 Reasons to Say Thank You, help people discover the power of gratitude in their lives and act on it. In all we do, we believe in expressing appreciation.

Grateful People
  • Achieve Goals
  • More supportive
  • Healthier
  • Better Employees

LaDonna is an engaging and inspiring motivational speaker who helps people tap into the power of gratitude. She is the founder of Gratitude Is Great and author of 21 Reasons To Say Thank You, a series of practical guides to expressing gratitude through handwritten notes.

Businesses use LaDonna’s workshops to improve productivity, retention, attendance, morale and culture.

LG Consulting & Training also guides individuals toward pathways to live a longer, happier, healthier life, improve social capital, and enhance relationships.