21 Reasons to Say Thank You® with a Grateful Heart


Build relationships and feel close than ever to your loved ones. This faith-based book gives you helpful ideas on how to show appreciation to the special people in your life in meaningful ways.

Surprise and delight mom, aunts, sisters, graduates, teachers, and other exceptional people in your life with handwritten Thank You Notes. Learning more about gratitude and expressing your appreciation leads to a happier, healthier and more satisfying life.


“I love the practical wisdom that moves the reader to action. Thank you for gifting me and the world with your insights and direction.”   — Pastor Robert Casady, Schweitzer United Methodist Church

This life-changing book includes:

  • The 5 simple steps to writing a meaningful note.
  • Stories to inspire and stimulate.
  • 21 ideas for writing notes to the people who touch your life.
  • Templates offering examples to help you write difficult notes.
  • A Creative Word List of more than 50 inspiring words that compliment and encourage.