Walnut Tree at Sunset


10 cards with envelopes in a clear box.
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The evening sky is the perfect backdrop to silhouette this black walnut tree in Gateway, Arkansas. What a delightful discovery!

Card size: 4 x 5.5. Weight: 16 point. Envelopes: White 70#.



Black walnuts (different than English walnuts) are found throughout the contiguous United States. They gift us with their rich nutmeats hidden in a tough shell concealed in green like those at Echo Bluff State Park featured in the thumbnail on the back of the card.

Dana O’Driscoll makes the gratitude connection with black walnut trees on The Druid Garden website, “… the (black) walnut reminds us of the important lesson of honoring the earth, harvesting that which is offered, but doing so in kindness, respect and care for the living earth.” Photographer: LaDonna Greiner.