5 Easy Successful Motivators

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Natural motivatorMOTIVATION can be challenging and elusive at times, especially on a cloudy Monday! Slip these strategies into your daily routine and start the week with a brighter outlook, more energy. Be intentional. Add one or two hacks to your calendar daily. Your day–and your life–will improve!
Turn your Facebook posts, tweets, and text into positive words of encouragement. Snapchat or Instagram photos from the beauty that abounds. This time of year, the outdoors offers an endless supply of photo ops that remind you of what an amazing world we live in
Motivation can be challenging and elusive at times, especially on Monday morning! Slip these strategies into your daily routine and end the week with a brighter outlook, more energy. Be intentional. Add one or two hacks to your calendar daily. Your day–and your life–will improve!
As you set up new passwords or change old ones, use positive words or gratitude or appreciation combined with a number to motivate you to think on the things in life you appreciate. For example, Hi53grateFul4! Reminds me to high 5 three people I am grateful for today. For an extra boost, tell them why you are grateful for them. Even something as simple as, (High 5) “Hey man, it’s great to be on the team with you.” Or, “Good points in your presentation this morning.” This is double motivation!

Tension headaches and other pains are often stress related. Try focusing on the positives in life. Turn your attention to all that is good in your life. Think about the people who help you – some you know and some you don’t, like the person who let you go before them when you were in a hurry. Or the server at the restaurant who waits on you with a smile and helpful attitude. Make a list of the kind and thoughtful or helpful people. Write sticky notes or cards telling these people what it is you appreciate about them. I keep mini thank you cards and a Sharpie handy so I can share these thoughts with people as they happen. I stopped to get a sandwich at a drive-thru window last week. It was several minutes before a flustered person took my order, 15 minutes later I was still waiting on a simple sandwich. I could tell the person was either new or having a bad day. As I sat waiting I began to fume, then I saw my mini thank you cards I keep handy in my car. Instead of letting my anger build, I decided to give them a card, “Thank you for your efforts. Hope you have an awesome day!” When the window opened, I handed the card with my money to an employee who clearly needed encouragement. The reaction—priceless delight!


A gratitude partner or buddy can help you stay motivated by reminding you of the good things that are happening around you when things seem to be headed south. You want to find someone you trust and admire. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual. Give each other permission to be honest. We all need someone who will speak truth into our lives and help us snap out of a lull when necessary.

Do you find you need a midday motivational jolt? Instead of reaching for the caffeine, take a 5-10 minute break at your desk or outdoors, if possible. Put your mind on pause and take three deep breaths slowly. Now, picture yourself at the beach, the lake, in the mountains, shopping at the mall, or wherever you find joy and peace. Spend the next five minutes immersed in that place. End with two more deep breaths. Chances are you feel refreshed and no longer need the caffeine!

Many aches, pains, and health issues are due to stress. Taking time to express your gratitude and appreciation reduces stress and improves overall health. Keep thinking and writing grateful thoughts until the pain subsides.

These are a few techniques you can use to improve your life both personally and professionally. Do you have a favorite method of lifting yourself up through gratitude and appreciation? What has your experience been using these or other techniques? Why not share your thoughts and experiences here? We would love to hear from you.

LaDonna Greiner is a writer, photographer, and life-long student of gratitude. Her book series, 21 Reasons to Say Thank You, offers real-life examples and suggestions to help the willing heart discover the power of gratitude and act on it. She is a Certified Facilitator for Appreciation at Work and a frequent speaker who coaches audiences on how to live a more fulfilling life through gratitude and appreciation. You can reach her at [email protected]


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