An Attitude of Gratitude-What Does that Mean?

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We hear the phrase gratitude attitude or attitude of gratitude frequently.

What does it really mean to have an attitude of gratitude?

Is it saying thank you to everyone who does anything for you? Probably not, since many of those thank you’s would not be sincere.

An attitude of gratitude is more about how you think, the origin of those thoughts and how you react to the ups and downs of life.

An attitude of gratitude means

You approach life with gratefulness.

Focus your thoughts on the positive aspects of a situation, event, or occurrence.

Choose to view things that happen in life with optimism, grace, and forgiveness.

Find constructive ways to use incidents in life.

It’s considering those who help you and thanking them.

It’s appreciating the things you have and those who made them possible.

It’s practicing positive self-talk that encourages and affirms,

instilling confidence in yourself and the future.

An attitude of gratitude leaves no room for fear, greed, guilt,

hate, negativity, bitterness, selfishness, mean-spiritedness,

anxiety, regret, self-loathing, animosity, pessimism, cynicism,

or any other malicious, destructive thoughts or behaviors.

Anyone can develop an attitude of gratitude.

Everyone can benefit from gratitude.

Start today.

It’s your choice.

Photographer: Joe Sullivan

Photographer: Joe Sullivan

LaDonna Greiner is a writer, life-long student of gratitude, and the founder of the Gratitude Is Great movement. Her book series, 21 Reasons to Say Thank You, provides various audiences with the tools and practical guidance needed to help them express gratitude and appreciation to others through handwritten notes and other activities. Learn more at www.21ReasonsToSayThank



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