6 Steps to a Happier 2018

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Are you facing 2018 feeling stretched too thin?  Are the demands at work and home weighing heavy?  Not enough hours in the day to accomplish all you need to do?  Maybe it is time you gave yourself a gift that you and others will appreciate. Continue the Christmas spirit and give yourself the gift of time. Time for you and … Read More

Have a Grateful Christmas!

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Blessed Christmas

May Christmas day bring memories of times with friends and family, past and present, as you make new memories while celebrating the joys and blessings of Christmas. Take time to reflect on an experience that gave you a reason to feel grateful. Share the story with the family. Or make a list of things you for which you are grateful. … Read More

Grateful People – Why We Like Them!

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There is a reason why grateful people are more likable than others. They take time to step back and put others before themselves—in a healthy way. Last time we talked about how gratitude can make you more likable. But WHY do we like grateful people? 1. Grateful people make good teammates. They pitch in with a sense of gratitude and … Read More

5 Ways Gratitude Makes You More Likable

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likable people

Are you the person people feel drawn to? The person who makes everyone feel at ease and welcome? The one everyone enjoys being around? Do you know someone like this? Maybe it is you. If not, it could be. How can we do this? One way is to be grateful. Developing an attitude of gratitude leads to a more likable … Read More

Grateful for Millennials

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Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to more than 100 Millennials — high school juniors and seniors — about gratitude and how to write thank you notes. It was a gratifying experience. Millennials today. Despite generational stereotypes, each one actively listened, participated, asked probing questions and responded to my questions. They were engaged. I did not see one cell … Read More

How to Thank a Teacher

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Would you like to thank a teacher that made an impact on your life?  Did they help you get to where you are today?  Have you ever let them know what a difference they made?  Read on for an example of a note you could write. An Outstanding Role Model When I think about the teachers I admire the most, … Read More

Happiness in 2016!

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Would you rather make a resolution or receive a reward? Reward suggests you are receiving or giving money or payment for something good that’s been done. Rewards elicit happy feelings of gratitude. A resolution indicates you are solving a problem, making a promise (you probably won’t keep resulting in discouragement and guilt). I’d much prefer rewards over resolutions, wouldn’t you? … Read More

The Gratitude Jar

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Start your own Gratitude Movement at home! After a recent speaking engagement, one of the attendees, Stacy, shared with me that she and her husband started a Gratitude Jar. Every day they each write a grateful thought on a slip of paper, date it, and drop it in the jar. It could be an ‘in the moment’ thank you such as … Read More

The Great Social Movement

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The internet and book shelves are filled with advice on living a better life. I read many of these and I’ve written a few too. In my last blog, I shared three reasons to give surprise thank you’s. It’s relatively easy to sit in a warm cozy home and dream up ways to increase joy and gratitude in the lives of others. … Read More