6 Steps to a Happier 2018

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Are you facing 2018 feeling stretched too thin?  Are the demands at work and home weighing heavy?  Not enough hours in the day to accomplish all you need to do?  Maybe it is time you gave yourself a gift that you and others will appreciate. Continue the Christmas spirit and give yourself the gift of time. Time for you and … Read More

Stop Holiday Party Stress with One Hack

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Holidays tend to change the dynamics in the workplace, in families and even in the community. We are often surrounded by people we don’t know or seldom see.  As we struggle to make our way through stores, parties and holiday events the stress in our life can increase significantly. Whether it is a celebration with colleagues, a holiday party with … Read More

5 Ways Gratefulness Can Change Your Life!

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Eight months ago I was laid off. In one day, our household income dropped more than 80 percent. Tough break? You bet! What seemed like a setback became a blessing. In between the job search, phone calls, and interviews, I discovered books and articles about gratitude and started reading . Several scientific studies, conducted over the past fifteen years, prove what … Read More