Connect Employee Appreciation, Performance & Recognition

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How can you tie employee appreciation and recognition to performance reviews for improved productivity? By connecting the dots between these activities. With this winning combination, you can  improve the skills of mediocre performers as well as retain the top performers within the team. Managers often dread annual performance reviews. Sadly, a previous supervisor managed to avoid the process for the first 24 months of … Read More

Appreciation and Recognition Hacks

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Express your Appreciation

We often lump recognition and appreciation into the same group. However, they are not the same! There is a significant difference in the outcome of the two. Impact on Productivity Every organization wants maximum productivity from their employees. According to Gallup, over 70% of employees just show up for work, producing just enough results to get by. With some recognition, … Read More

4 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

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Is your workplace culture one of appreciation and gratitude?  Do employees feel valued by you  and their coworkers? According to many studies, the lack of appreciation is one of the main reasons employees cite for leaving a job. Frequent turnover reduces productivity. Employees who feel unappreciated do not produce their best work. They are not motivated to do any more than … Read More