How to Thank a Teacher

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Would you like to thank a teacher that made an impact on your life?  Did they help you get to where you are today?  Have you ever let them know what a difference they made?  Read on for an example of a note you could write.

An Outstanding Role Model

When I think about the teachers I admire the most, two come to mind. The first is my daughter’s middle school math teacher, Miss Genie. She stands out because she treated all of her students equally.

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Miss Genie had the ability to instill confidence as well as enthusiasm in her students. She gave all students–girls, boys, African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian– in her class the same opportunities to speak up, answer questions, and participate. Her encouragement and love for teaching kindled a desire to learn and love math. She gave her students permission to excel without the fear of feeling geeky. She made math cool.

For too many decades, only a few select students were expected or encouraged to excel in math and science. In Miss Genie’s class those lines didn’t exist. She loved her students, all of them, and wanted each one to reach their full potential.

It’s Never Too Late to Say Thank You!

So Miss Genie, if you are still teaching math in Stuart, Florida after two decades, you will be hearing from me. I am thankful for the spark you ignited in my daughter, and thousands more children over the years. I need to send you a long overdue thank you. I want to share my tremendous appreciation for your dedication, talent, and ability to inspire kids to learn.

Do you have a teacher that you need to thank?  Take time to do it now. Take it one step further and show your appreciation with a gift card.  It’s never too late to say thank you.  Here’s what you might say:

A Note of Gratitude

Dear Miss/Mr./Mrs.,

What a difference you have made in (Child’s name) life this school year!

We truly appreciate the time you spend preparing for class–it shows! Your patience, enthusiasm, and kindness toward (your students or Child’s name) have made this a wonderful year.



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