Are you on Track to Reach your Goals in 2018?

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Bridge Goals

Our thoughts determine our future. If we want to grow, excel and reach new heights, we need stretch goals. Goals that exceed our expectations and take us to new places. -LaDonna Greiner

30 Days In

Calendar goals

30 days in. Where are you headed?

We are 30 days into 2018. Chances are you started the year by giving some thought to what you want to accomplish this year. A New Year’s resolution. Your word for the year. Or maybe you didn’t put it in writing, but you have given some thought to what you want to accomplish this year. You have goals you want to reach.

How’s it going? Are you making progress towards reaching your goals? Living your word for the year?

Being a Type A person, I chose all three (I’m sure many of you can relate to this), a word for the year that ties into the goals I set. I resolve to stay focused on my goals.

How are you doing?

The first day of each month is a great time to assess your progress. What have you done in the past 31 days to reach or work toward the things you want to accomplish?

Ask yourself: What do I want for myself in 2018? Were do I want to be at the close of 2018? Using a free guide offered by Evolution U coach Donalisa Stinyard to set what she calls Game Changer goals helped me to determine my word for the year. Like many of you, choosing a word for each year is not new. For at least five years, I have had a word. In the past, there was no process of thinking through my goals and tying a word to them. Using the guide was helpful, it walked me through the thought process.

My word for the year is Experience. I crave new Experiences. I want to Experience the fullness of each moment.  My hope is to maximize my Experience and use the knowledge gained to reach greater heights and momentum. What is your word?


Reach your Goals

Grateful people reach more goals.

Goals, words, resolutions –they are all great ways to start the year, however, often they fall by the wayside. When we set them, we have every intention of sticking with it; then Life gets in the way. If you are like me, you need someone, or many someone’s, to hold you accountable–to ask you how you are doing. And, most importantly, to congratulate you on the  progress you make toward your goal. Encouraging one another is a great way to stay on track.

My accountability partners and I offer each other encouragement as well as caution when we feel it is needed. It is a choice to share our goals. As partners, we give each other permission to hold one another accountable, that includes telling each other things–in a kind way–that are hard to hear as well as reminding one another of the progress made, especially when one hits a low point. I appreciate my accountability partners, they help me be a better person.


Are your goals clear? Do they lead you to the changes you want to experience in life? Two of my goals are career-related and three are personal.

At least one is a Game Changer goal—a big stretch goal—meaning I may not accomplish it this year but I will make progress towards it.

I debated on whether to share this goal with you. Like many of you, I hesitate to “put myself out there.” Transparency comes with risks. However, I trust that you will hold me accountable in a kind way and help me attain this goal. My Game Changer goal is to become a nationally known speaker. How close I come to attaining my goal will undoubtedly be apparent.


Each of my goals focus on the Experience. When we set goals, we often see them as bridges to cross or mountains to climb.  We forge ahead, determined to reach the goal. Often, so focused on what we want to accomplish that we overlook the joy, opportunities and lessons along the way. We miss out on the Experience. For me, the overall goal this year is to enjoy the Experience while staying focused on the goal.Balanced Goals

Think of the yogi who must stay focused to maintain balance while remembering to breathe. Don’t miss out on the experience. As you reach new heights, remember to breathe.

What is your primary goal for 2018?? Is it a Game Changer? Do you think about the positive ways your goal will change or improve your life? Are you prepared to exceed your expectations? Stretch yourself, you’ll be grateful you did!

If you would like an accountability partner or just want to share your goals, word or resolution, please share in the comments. If you would rather keep it private, email or message me on LinkedIn or Facebook.

 LaDonna Greiner is a author, photographer, and life-long student of gratitude. Her book series, 21 Reasons to Say Thank You, offers real-life examples and suggestions to help you discover the power of gratitude and act on it. She is a Certified Facilitator for Appreciation at Work and a frequent speaker who coaches audiences and individuals on how to live a more fulfilling life through gratitude and appreciation. You can reach her at LaDonna.G@21Reasons.Life.

4 Comments on “Are you on Track to Reach your Goals in 2018?”

  1. Great motivators to stay on track. My word for the year is Intentionality! I agree, tying my one word to my goal makes it stronger, I see you reaching your Game-changer goal! Thanks LaDonna

  2. Always insightful and a pleasure to read.

    I love your gratitude suggestions and your uplifting and generous spirit.

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